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4 responses to “Contact Me

  • courtnie

    I love u carrie underwoood i always sing the song jesus take the wheel. when i seen u on the movie soul surfer i thought u were going to sing that song.

  • Jen

    You inspire me SO much, Sarah! Please follow me @JenRubino

  • Amanda McConnell

    I just wanted to share this story with you all. My 6 year old daughter Olivia constantly amazes me and at times I feel that I am learning more from her than I am teaching. She is truly “a child of God”. The other night as we were saying her prayer at bedtime she says “God, I want to pray for you tonight and you alone”. She said that she wanted to pray for God because he does so much for all of us that he needs our prayers as much as anyone. I just couldn’t believe that. I hate to admit but in my 31 years I don’t think I have ever prayed for God. So I challenge us all to start praying for God. Olivia was so inspired by Soul Surfer and she is looking for more ways to help others. Keep spreading the word.

  • Sophie Bille

    You’re so cool Sarah!!!

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