Portrayed by Carrie Underwood in the recently released movie, “Soul Surfer,” Sarah was instrumental in helping surfer Bethany Hamilton through a tragic shark attack that left her with one arm. Sarah’s own past, which include suffering a broken neck and back in a surfing accident, helped prepare her and equip her in ministry. Sarah serves as a missionary on the Island of Kauai where she leads one of the largest student ministries on the Island. Grounded in her devotion an love for Christ, her training allows her to recognize those in need and gives her the ability to reach out to them. After growing up in a tough and abusive home, through God’s grace, she continues impacting lives for God’s kingdom on Kauai…and beyond.

9 responses to “About

  • Natalie

    Sarah I live in a strong Christian household where God comes before anything,I accepted the lord into my life two years ago and got Baptised today April 17,2011 I have told you on twitter that I have been struggling in life ,it’s been with school and friends and mainly my realationship with God .You said that you have been praying for me and with that and all of God’s mighty wonder all of my problems have been solved thank you so much and God bless you

  • Meredith

    You inspire me Sarah, You give me hope and faith, I live in Texas, so i cant come see you, i wish i could, if i ever find myslef in Hawii, i’ll look for you.

  • Carol Brown

    AWESOME testimony. I had no idea. I think we will watch soul surfer again tonight. Sorry I didn’t catch your live video till the end. I wasn’t on here so I didn’t know it was going on. BLESSINGS on you and Bethany and your ministry in Hawaii.

  • Norma foster

    Hey sarrah u r amazing and I bet u r an awesome youth paster do u teach new things to Bethany and do u a lot with her

  • Chris


    Your strength and perseverance impacted the life of a girl that inspired a movie that touched my 7, 8, and 10 year old daughters. I am a Servant Youth Minister that prayed for God to touch their hearts and take them in during a very difficult time in our lives … and they learned about you and what you do.

    Thank you for your faith … and thank God for you.

    In Christ,

    Chris J

  • SportsGirl

    You are amazing! We are going to Kauai in the fall, and I know that you are our close friend’s youth leader. That is soooo cool!

  • Angela Stockstill


    You are truly an inspiration to me. I have the movie and the books but I have been drawn to your story and your work. As a single adult with no children I wish I lived there so I could be involved and help you make God’s plans to reach more children evolve. I think your story of trials and Godly triumph are a witness to his grace and love and may I add a lot of hard work on your part. I pray God continues to use you in great ways. And for your newest endeavor it reminds me of the movie “to save a life.”


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